Gregarious copywriter grows tired of unclear business writing and declares,

"I can words.

You can, too!"

What does that even mean? Simple. When you can words, you can do a lot:

  • You can inform

  • You can entertain

  • You can persuade

  • You can connect

  • You can sell (and not be gross about it)

Yes, you can.

Even if you failed English class.

Even if you don't know a preposition from a predicate.

Even if writing scares you.

Words are your friend. There's no reason to be afraid. Calm down.


We're sorry that grammar Nazi hurt you.


But words aren't grammar. That's your first lesson. Remember it.

Some of the world's most successful salesmen have terrible grammar. It's about their words.


Think about words for a second. They're mouth noises with meaning. Isn't that silly?

We grunt, hum, and click at each other, and then there's understanding. Very silly.

What you've been taught about words is wrong

Words are not static objects in a dictionary

Grammar is a set of tools, not a set of rules

If you can talk, you can write

Humor is the whole point

You can words,

but you don't have to.

Skip the work and pay me to do it for you.

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