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Hi, I'm Thomas Crouse

I give brands a distinct voice so they sound like a person you'd actually want to meet.


My words fear no medium.


"A JOY to work with! Always prepared and never misses a deadline. Tom works hard for co-workers and clients, alike. And he's a downright great human being."

-Leah P., Sales Director at City Pages (RIP)

"Brilliant, punctual, professional. Best editor I've ever worked with."


-Michael Strand, Content Editor at Sic Semper Serpent

"Tom is the best thing to ever happen to our company. His strong voice defines our brand image."


-Rachel B., General Manager and Founding Member of Happy Earth Cleaning Co-op 

"Great text, man! Amazing! Looking forward to reading your next material."

-Azur D., Co-Founder of Synergy Moon

"Tom's words have honed our entire organization's message across all media."


-Sue C., Director of the Minnesota Center for Employee Ownership

"He's ok."

-Thomas Crouse


Contact Thomas Crouse

Serious copywriting inquiries only.

Be prepared to discuss budget.

No evil clients.

City Pages

For the free weekly newspaper "City Pages" in Minneapolis I wrote: -Print ad copy -Advertorials -Infotainment I WROTE ALL THE CONTENT IN THIS SAMPLE:

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